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What We Do


  • Lobby Governments
  • Promote and develop the retail motor trades industry
  • Provide training-opportunities
  • Assist members to resolve issues and enhance their businesses
  • Representation at forums
  • Media
  • Dealer Authorisation Identity Certificates
  • Deal with Consumer-Issues
  • Administer Tow Truck Roster
  • WH&S Management Systems
  • Green Stamp


Lobby Governments

MTA (NT) raises key issues affecting the retail motor trades industry with the Northern Territory and national governments, offering solutions and outcomes on policy setting.

We are working with the Northern Territory Government to secure the future of the retail motor trades industry and support initiatives such as co-regulation, policy formulation, continual review of relevant legislation and adoption of an industry-wide code of practice.

We identify government proposals affecting the retail motor trades industry and

examine local and national issues and government initiatives to ensure appropriate outcomes.

We engage Northern Territory Government Ministers and Agencies as necessary to resolve prospective impediments to the retail motor trades industry


Promote and Develop the Retail Motor Trades Industry

MTA (NT) raises awareness in the community of the retail motor trades industry's significant contribution to the Northern Territory economy. We promote the attributes of the retail motor trades industry, on behalf of MTA (NT) members, to government, consumers and employees. We also promote the initiatives of programs aimed at developing higher standards in the retail motor trades industry.

We enhance the professionalism and reputation of the retail motor trades industry and promote the role of environmentally-responsible MTA (NT) members in adopting green initiatives and displaying leading environmental practices. We also organises forums, displays, shows, seminars and workshops of interest to the retail motor trades industry.


Provide Training-Opportunities

MTA (NT) enhances training opportunities within the retail motor trades industry in co-operation with education and training authorities. We are providing training facilities to allow industry participants to access a wide variety of training initiatives.


Assist members to resolve issues and enhance their businesses

  • MTA (NT) assists with the resolution of disputes arising within the retail motor trades industry
  • Ensures MTA (NT) members are up-to-date with current national issues
  • Publishes relevant information from MTAA and AMIF for use by MTA (NT) members
  • Provides information and support to MTA (NT) members on local and national government policy and legislative changes
  • Informs MTA (NT) members of their rights and obligations under legislation
  • Provides assistance to MTA (NT) members appearing before any Court or tribunal
  • Promotes improved working relationships and practices through sound industrial relations advice to MTA (NT) members
  • Implements initiatives simplifying or facilitating the transaction of business in the retail motor trades industry
  • Advises MTA (NT) members in relation to employment matters arising under the Fair Work Act including the National Employment Standards and relevant Awards
  • Guides members on best practice in workplace health, safety and environment


Representation at forums

MTA (NT) attends local and national forums relating to retail motor trades industry issues and participates in national organisations fostering the retail motor trades industry.



MTA (NT) responds to new stories about MTA (NT) members of the retail motor trades industry in general to ensure accurate reporting of facts. We also publish articles covering matters of concern to MTA (NT) members, distribute statistics and other information in a weekly newsletter to MTA (NT) members and associate members.


Dealer Authorisation Identity Certificates

Dealer authorisation identity certificates are available to licensed motor vehicle dealer members and non-members. Non-members must apply to Motor Vehicle Registry directly.


Deal with Consumer-Issues

Consumers often contact MTA (NT) to find out about members and their commitment to the objectives of the Australian Consumer Law and other relevant aspects of consumer law in the Northern Territory. Members receive assistance with approaches from the Office of Consumer Affairs when dealing with consumer complaints. Members direct motor industry complaints to MTA (NT) in the first instance. Consumer issues can often be resolved by MTA (NT) thereby avoiding lengthy and time-wasting discussions. The number of consumer complaints is decreasing. This demonstrates increasing professionalism and improved performance in all sectors of the retail motor trades industry. MTA (NT) works towards resolution of matters, such as unlicensed dealing, as they arise.


Administer Tow Truck Roster

The Tow Truck Roster is available to tow truck operator members and non-members. For information on how to join the tow truck roster and the affiliated fees, please contact the MTA (NT) office on 8947 6990.


Work Health & Safety Management Systems


MTA (NT) can assist in your business, in conjunction with support from the Department of Business, in developing, implementing and maintaining a W.H.S.M.S. Please contact Rodger Sewell, MTA (NT) Project Officer, in the first instance to attain specific information and to register an expression of interest, to participate in the next MTA (NT) Work Health & Safety Management Program.


Green Stamp


The Green Stamp Program is an environmental initiative developed by the various Motor Trade Associations, and the Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. The program assists small to medium businesses in the automotive trades to incorporate processes and practices that allows them to dispose of their wastes in an environmentally sensitive manner. It also aims to assist businesses in the industry to become resource efficient and more environmentally sustainable.

For more information about Green Stamp, Please contact Rodger Sewell, Business Relationships Manager - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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